KM-40840 รับน้ำหนัก 250Kg Vertical or Horizontal Latch
1,050.00 THB
Product Details Holding Force: 400Kg Weight: 0.306Kg Latch Plate Supplied: GH-40840-LP Can used in both Vertical & Horizontal configuration.
KM-204G รับบน้ำหนัก 660Kg
920.00 THB
Product Details Holding Force: 660Kg Arm Opens: 91° Handle Opens: 94° Weight: 1.22Kg Spindle Supplied: SA-12300 Flanged Washers Supplied: FW-120   Heavy Duty Model This Clamp has five mounting holes on the case iron base. Constructed with extra thick plate stock with hardened ground pins and bushing for smooth action an...
Series 204GB, 204GBL and 204GBLH รับน้ำหนัก 630Kg
1,050.00 - 1,200.00 THB
Product Details Flat base slotted arm horizontal toggle clampHolding Force: 630Kg Arm Opens: 91° Handle Opens: 94°   Detail Variationt: 204GB = Low Base, Short Bar (ฐานต่ำ, แขนกดสั้น)  204GBL = Low Base and Long Bar (ฐานต่ำ, แขนกดยาว) 204GBLH = High Base, Long Bar (ฐานสูง, แขนกดยาว)   Weight: 204GB = 1.18...