Series 200W and 220W รับน้ำหนัก 400Kg
680.00 - 920.00 THB
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Product Details

Flat base slotted arm horizontal toggle clamp
Holding Force: 400Kg 
Arm Opens: 84° 
Handle Opens: 85°


Detail Variationt:

200W  Flatted Base, Short U Bar

200WHL High Base and Long U Bar 

220WH High Base, Short U Bar, Lever Handle Grip

220WLH High Base, LongU Bar, Lever Handle Grip


200W 0.600Kg

200WHL 0.745Kg

220WH 0.790Kg

220WLH 0.830 Kg



Spindle Supplied: SA-08034
Flanged Washers Supplied: FW-080